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Artwork by Stuart Spencer


Map Lab Changelog


2 October 2017

  • UI: Fixed occasional UI freeze.
  • Editor: Added official support for Unity 2017.
  • UI: Changed busy icon while loading.


18 July 2017

  • UI: Fixed preset list overflows dialog in Unity 5.6.
  • Editor: Fixed occasional null ref when changing preset.
  • Editor: Fixed occasional freeze when adding Gaussian Blur filter for the first time.
  • Presets: Fixed wrong channel mappings resulting in the perceived black image when viewing in an application that interprets opacity [color.a = 0]. 
  • Editor: Added new undo-redo-system.
  • Project: New project types added.
  • UI: Filter settings can now be expanded independently of each other.
  • UI: AddFilterDialog closes when no layer is active.
  • Editor: File>New>Default loads defaults according to the texture tab type.
  • Project: Older beta projects are not backward compatible.


11 April 2017

  • Filter: Fixed multi-pass filter duplication bug.
  • UI: Filter names are now correctly formatted in the add-filter-dialog.
  • Shader: Fixed compile error in Unity >5.5.
  • Editor: Fixed window not showing in Unity 5.6.
  • Shaders: Support for third party shaders added.
  • Shaders: Shader texture mapping editor added.
  • Exporter: Settings get included in the project file.
  • Map Canvas: Added more information to the status bar.
  • Map Canvas: Centered zoom functionality added.
  • UI: Material settings display all possible properties exposed by the shader.
  • Core: Unity 5.6 support added.
  • UI: Menus replaced by native OS menus.
  • Structure: Harmonized package structure across all shared libraries.


1 May 2016

  • Moved the custom filter demo (ColorStripesFilter.cs) to the editor folder to allow project build.
  • Canvas: New marquee tool hotkey added. Ctrl+A to select to whole canvas.
  • Canvas: Aspect ratio can now be fixed.
  • Canvas: Improved the selection shader.
  • Canvas: Marquee tool behaves more smooth now and allows more accurate selection


15 April 2016

  • UI: Map preview gets now correctly refreshed when File->New or File->Empty is called.
  • Filter: Fixed bug in Median filter on CPU.
  • Filter: Fixed bug in Fast Median filter on CPU.
  • Filter: Fixed bug in Gaussian High-Pass filter on CPU.
  • Filters: Internal and external filters can now manually be reloaded.
  • Filters: Per-device filter exclusion support added. Not supported filters get automatically excluded without breaking the others.
  • Filters: Updated OpenCL code to properly run on AMD and Intel devices.
  • UI: Startup splash screen added to show initialization progress.
  • UI: Show save dialog on window close.
  • UI: Added more hotkeys (S: Open Settings, E: Open Exporter, I: Open Inputs, Space: Rerender Maps, ESC: Flush Command Queue, 1-7: Change Map Tab)
  • Settings: All installed plugins can now be listed.
  • Filter: Changed default radius in Gaussian High-Pass filter.
  • Filter: Rotation filter gets now controlled by a slider.
  • OpenCL: Filters get compiled at startup.
  • OpenCL: Filters get only compiled for selected device.
  • Plugin: External filter plugins get included, validated and compiled at startup.


12 April 2016

  • Filter: Fixed conversion issue in Color Mask filter on CPU.
  • UI: Corrected some typos.
  • OpenCL: Fixed Intel OpenCL devices cause Map Lab to break.
  • OpenCL: Fixed 'fcl build exception' on Intel HD Graphics.
  • OpenCL: Removed filter compiling when in CPU mode.
  • Settings: Properties now get stored properly.
  • Setting: Default settings now can be restored.
  • UI: Increased default startup size of Map Lab editor.
  • UI: Increased default size of the exporter window.
  • UI: Added scrollbars to the exporter window.
  • OpenCL: On-the-fly filter compiling is temporarily deactivated. Startup and opening the Add-Filter-Dialog (for the first time per session) will take much longer.


9 April 2016

  • Filter: Gaussian Blur is about 8% faster on CPU 
  • Filter: Gaussian Blur output are blacked out sometimes fixed
  • UI: Generators now get correctly loaded


1 April 2016

  • UI: Layer and filter drag-and-drop support added.
  • UI: 3D preview area is now resizable.
  • Map: Alpha channel support added.
  • Filter: Channel Extractor added.
  • UI: Group progessbar overflow removed.
  • Shader: Height map does now tile correctly.
  • UI: Map tabs are now more compact in small windows.


29 March 2016

  • Filter: Hue Saturation Brightness filter added.
  • UI: Fixed warning when opening InputAdd Filter or Map Tiler dialog.
  • Project: Fixed format exception when trying to open a project saved in 0.6.4.
  • Fixed long loading time when opening the Add Filter dialog for the first time. Filters now get compiled just-in-time.
  • Fixed null-ref when opening Map Tiler from an updated project.



28 March 2016

  • Filter: Luminance Shift filter added (Shadow Removal).
  • Filter: 3x3 generic kernel filter added.
  • Filter: Rotation filter added.
  • Added support for texture generators.
  • Included generators: Color Gradient, Cloud Noise, Procedural Bricks .
  • Texture engine core has been overhauled (~25% faster).
  • Normalmap/Gaussian Blur rendering is now ~20% faster on the CPU.
  • New layer blend mode added: Tangent Normal blending.
  • Map Tiler: Toolbar added.
  • Map Tiler: Region recalculation support added.
  • Map Tiler: Workspace can now be locked/fixed.
  • Map Tiler: Statusbar added.
  • Map Tiler: Random Stitcher now automatically tries to replace parts that don't seem to tile well. (Experimental)
  • Exporter: Output map selection added.
  • UI: Colors adapted to Unity Pro/Personal skin
  • UI: Changes made on the controls only generate a new engine command when the previous command has been finished.
  • Map Tiler: UI has been rearranged.
  • New default preset.
  • When no input textures assigned a black texture is used per default.
  • The visibility does no longer decide whether a map gets exported or not.
  • OpenCL: Async pipeline synchronization issue fixed.
  • Export: Progress display is now more accurate.
  • Export: Filters with muliple passes now get exported correctly when changed resolution.
  • UI: Cropped labels issue fixed.


20 January 2016

  • Sobel convolution filter added
  • Deprecated Normal-to-Height filter replaced
  • Projects can now be saved including all input assignments
  • New preview model added (Rounded Cube)
  • Add-filter dialog is now scrollable
  • Breaking Change: Save format for projects has been changed. Old projects cannot longer be opened
  • Ambient Occlusion filter has now a wider range
  • New default preset
  • Issue with the preview models fixed


16 January 2016

  • Possibility to automatically assign the first input to Albedo layer
  • Map Preview: Snap support
  • Layer output indexing issue fixed


8 January 2016

  • Map visibility toogle on tabs
  • Map solo toogle on tabs
  • Height-to-Normal (Gaussian): new sample filter mode added
  • Emission map output added
  • Height-to Normal (Gaussian): starting point issue fixed
  • Input tab has moved to a separate window
  • New default configuration
  • Default configuration now depends on the platform (GPU/CPU)


4 January 2016

  • Preview render exporting added
  • Map Tiler: Improved seam finding performance
  • OSX: Improved OpenCL support
  • OpenCL compilation speed-up on AMD devices


30 December 2015

  • Map Tiler integrated


24 December 2015

  • Map Lab (0.5.7) editor won't starts if Unity was installed with non-standard paths fixed
  • Version and log file path can now be seen under the Settings/About tab


22 December 2015

  • Map Preview: Improved render performance
  • Map Preview: Infinite map worspace (draggable)
  • Map Preview: Improved tiling/zoom (mouse wheel)
  • Map Preview: Seam rendering support


11 December 2015

  • Single layer input support added
  • New parallax shaders added
  • New DX11 tessellation shader added
  • Normal-to-Height filter overhauled and available on CPU and OpenCL
  • Context menu on layers allows duplication, layer naming and input selection
  • Orthogonal projection near clip fixed
  • Custom Unity Standard shaders have now all shader flags activated


2 December 2015

  • Translation filter added
  • Map preview now reflects realtime updates 
  • Temporary RAM usage display
  • Layers can now be collapsed/expanded
  • (OpenCL) Diffuse-to-Normal filter: fixed issue with Derivation and Centered Derivation mode


30 November 2015

  • Maps can now be separately excluded from exports
  • Map visibility toggle in preview
  • Export path can be coverted to project relative
  • Auto map generation when change preview quality
  • Improved material updates in preview
  • Compilation process improved
  • Skybox rendering improved
  • Exported normal map is now flagged as Unity normal map (DXT5nm)
  • Exported maps are now assigned properly to the generated material
  • Map suffix is now correct in Specular Workflow (Case AVAIW88HOD).
  • Builds are now possible when Map Lab is present (Case AWSHYM5IOJ)
  • Default preview tiling set to 1 (Case AZYLG1GURA)
  • Deleted maps are excluded in the export (Case ANTU8IOIFP)
  • Max camera zoom distance increased in Perspective render mode
  • Asset database gets automatically refreshed after export (Case AZZ5G6XLIU)


27 November 2015

  • Linear color space support added
  • Gamma Correction filter added
  • Input texture preview not displayed Unity Personal (AD41Z35J65)
  • "Create Material" option moved from Exporter to Output settings


22 November 2015

Initial release

  • Initial Release (Public Beta)


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