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iOS Native Maps


Device Map Changelog


27 December 2016

  • Core: Added OnLocationChanged event.
  • Core: Fixed map type not changing in Unity 5.4.2+.
  • Core: Fixed user location not updated properly 5.4.2+.
  • Core: Fixed visual user loaction not displayed  5.4.2+.
  • Core: Changed map orientation observer when 'Positioning Type' is set 'Map Rect'..


08 August 2016

  • Overhauled core
  • Unity 5 Support added
  • Draggable Annotation support added
  • UI Integration added
  • New Positioning Modes added
  • New Demo Project
  • PSD Pin Template added
  • New Folder Structure.
  • UI: Fixed tracks get  not rendered when previous track a pitch error. 
  • Overhauled core

Key Features

  • Add all map types (Satellite, Standard, Hybrid) to your Unity Project 
  • Change the appearance of the map at runtime 
  • Fully responsive (drag, zoom, pinch, scroll..)
  • Add Pin-Annotations, optionally with callouts
  • Add your own customized Annotations, with your own image 
  • Add draggable Annotations 
  • Use custom images for user location
  • Simple to use



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