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iOS Native Maps


End User License Agreement


Plugins and Assets distrubuted by Sycoforge are licensed, not sold. The legal ownership remains with Sycoforge.


Plugins and Assets licensed to the END-USER are not allowed to be used for purposes other than intended. 


The END-USER is not permitted to sell or distribute any functionality by themselves or in modfied way. It is emphasized that the END-USERS has no right to distribute or transfer the Plugins and Assets in any other way than as integrated components of electronic games and interactive media. It is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, sublicense, rent, lease, lend or misuse the Plugins and Assets.


Sycoforge grants to the END-USER a non-exclusive, worldwide, and permanent license to the Asset to integrate Assets only as incorporated and embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media.


Plugins are not allowed being included in any way by a third party software having the same and/or similiar purpose as the Plugin itself. It's also not allowed release the Plugins and/or Assets or derivative products of them with software under Open Source Licences.




Key Features

  • Add all map types (Satellite, Standard, Hybrid) to your Unity Project 
  • Change the appearance of the map at runtime 
  • Fully responsive (drag, zoom, pinch, scroll..)
  • Add Pin-Annotations, optionally with callouts
  • Add your own customized Annotations, with your own image 
  • Add draggable Annotations 
  • Use custom images for user location
  • Simple to use



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