• How to download additional content for plug-ins purchased in the Unity Asset Store?

    In case that you have bought the plug-in in the Unity Assets store, follow the steps below to download beta/early access versions.

    1. Make an account here
    2. Send us an email or a DM on Discord containing your invoice number
    3. You will receive a voucher code that can be redeemed in the store
    4. Check whether the total amount is 0.00 $
    5. The content is than accesible in the download section

Map Lab

  • What is Map Lab?

     Map Lab is an advanced PBR texture generator for Unity 5 with a string focus to seamless textures.  
  • Do I need Unity Pro?

     No. You can use Map Lab even with Unity Personal.
  • Why do I need OpenCL?

     Running Map Lab filters on an OpenCL device, speeds up the calculation by 5 to 10 (depending on your device).
  • I get DllNotFoundException. What should I do?

     Map Lab needs the VC++ runtime to run on Windows sytsem. You can download the runtime here. 

Easy Decal

  • What is Easy Decal?

     Easy Decal provides you a very simplified workflow for putting decals all over your game world. The Easy Decal system supports all kinds of shaders and materials from parallax occlusion to transparent.  
  • Why do my screen space decals disappear on transparent surfaces?

    Objects with alpha transparency shaders render always last and the screen space decals need a pre-rendered scene at the time they render themselves. So screen space decals can technically not render before shaders with alpha transparency. Please use clip transparency instead.
  • Can I stick decals only to the terrain?

    No. You can stick decals everywhere. Every game object with a surface can be decorated with decals.
  • Can I use different materials?

     Yes. You can use whatever material you want. 
  • What happen if I change the geometry of the decal receiver?

     The decal system will automatically adjust the decal's geometry to fit the new surface. 
  • Can I dynamically instantiate decals?

     Yes. You can create a prefab out of your favorite decal object and instantiate it at runtime. This way, for instance, you can create easy footprints in the snow behind your character.
  • What shader should I use for blood splatters?

     For the typical grungy look we recommend using a multiply shader.
  • Can I put decals to static objects?

    Yes, provided a MeshCollider or an exact matching BoxCollider is used. 
  • Why can I not see any deferred decals?

    To render deferred decals in Unity the following must be true

    1. The Rendering Path is set to Deferred (found in player settings)
    2. The camera's Projection property is set to Perspective. (Unity restriction)
    3. The decal is not completely in shadow. (Unity restriction)
    4. The decal has an appropriate material/shader assigned.
    5. In play mode: The decal is visible by the main camera. (Frustum culling)

  • Using the Box Projector results in errors (failed to access vertex positions)

    The box technique needs to have access to the geometry that means that the decal receiver needs to be non-static. However, Easy Decal can parse the geometry when using either a box or mesh collider.

  • Why are my decals rendered before particles?

    To get rid of this sorting issue, you could either use the "Particles/Priority Alpha Blended" shader included in Unity's Standard Assets or - for the case that you're using a custom particle shader - manually offset the render order in the Queue tag:

    Tags { "Queue"="Transparent+1"}

Easy Combine

  • I save draw calls but have more vertices per frame?

     One always has to make a trade-off between all optimization techniques to benefit the most. When you combine your entire game world into one mega mesh, you do save a lot of draw calls, but the occlusion culling procedure cannot cull anything because the mega mesh is always in sight. The best practice is to combine objects that can be put together in local groups. Think of a table with all its dishes or a shelf with a bunch of books. This way, the occlusion system can calculate reasonable occlusion trees, and the system can cull a lot of the objects while the objects in sight have just a few draw calls.

Easy Flares

  • What is Easy Flares?

     Easy Flares is a procedural lens flare renderer with a rich artist-friendly style editor.  
  • Do I need Unity Pro?

     No. You can use Easy Flares even with Unity Personal.
  • Mobile Support?

     Not yet. Even it would probably build on mobile devices, the beta version is not optimized for low end devices.


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