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Artwork by Stuart Spencer


Vivaldi Changelog


04 October 2017

  • Core: Fixed occasional loop drag issue.
  • Added official support for Unity 2017.
  • Editor: Update shared libs.


04 July 2017

  • Core: Removed unnecessary type checks.
  • Added support for random audio clips per track.
  • Editor: Track settings UI to allow random audio clips.


8 April 2017

  • Added support for Unity 5.6.
  • Core: Removed unnecessary allocation when in random mode.
  • Event: OnTrackEnter event gets only called for tracks that get actually played (probabilistic).
  • Structure: Harmonized package structure across all shared libraries.


3 August 2016

  • CompositionPlayer: Overloaded Play() method method with additional volume argument.
  • Demo: Added new zone player demo scene.
  • ZonePlayer: Fixed volume artefact on zone enter.
  • ZonePlayer: Made trigger enter, stay and exit methods virtual.


29 July 2016

  • General: Fixed number overflow exception on small pitch values.
  • UI: Fixed tracks get  not rendered when previous track a pitch error. 
  • Runtime: Reduced memory allocation when recycling a track in the pool.


17 July 2016

  • UI: Cue points and loops can be deleted by a context menu action.
  • General: Compositions can now be routed through a AudioMixerGroup.
  • General: Force loop option added for tracks.
  • Player: Play on start option added.
  • API: VivaldiComposition.Play() overloaded to route the composition to a AudioMixerGroup.
  • UI: Fixed loop deletion when using backspace in textbox.
  • UI: Mouse pointer has to be loacted in preview area when deleting a loop or cue point.


24 June 2016

  • Runtime: Added global volume support (CompositionControl).
  • Runtime: Added linear fade out support (CompositionControl).
  • Runtime: Added two runtime player components.
  • UI: Added real-time monitoring of active compositions playing scene. (FEAT-0R4N5N2WN1)
  • UI: Waveform preview rendering is about 85% faster now.
  • UI: Waveform preview rerendering can now be forced.
  • Demo: Added demo showing the use of the ZonePlayer component.
  • Runtime: Fixed manually stopped compositions are not being properly collected by the pool.
  • Demo: Fill level progressbar of composition pool displays level of SFX pool.
  • Editor: Decreased composition valdidation frequency. (ISSUE-4U4ZA9E833)
  • UI: Fixed time position cursor overlapping sequencer.
  • UI: To achieve a more consistent layout, the control bar is now left aligned.


21 June 2016

  • UI: More detailed timeline ruler added.
  • UI: Track movement functions added to the track's context menu. (FEAT-Z6C676YTR5)
  • UI: Drag'n'Drop AudioClips support added.
  • Console: Added auto-fix support for some errors.
  • Console: Added log count labels.
  • Settings: Added possibility to change the track's initial name.
  • Settings: Stero pan support added.
  • Settings: Additive random location support added.
  • UI: Fixed waveform preview not adapting its size to sequencer bounds when vertical scrollbars appear. (ISSUE-AK5DIRF96Q)
  • UI: Fixed waveform preview not displaying the correct position of track cropped on the left.
  • UI: Fixed settings ghosting. (ISSUE-964N98H1UY)
  • UI: Fixed misformatted logs in console. (ISSUE-3M71S6O1CO)
  • Docs: Corrected typo in API docs. (ISSUE-3M71S6O1CO)
  • General: Fixed "null texture passed" warning when changing play state.
  • General: Fixed editor losing connection to audio engine when changing scene or leaving playmode. (ISSUE-8RRE6681YN)
  • UI: Disabled 3D location controls when Spatial Blending is set to 0.
  • Error Handling: AudioClips whose sample rate differ from the one of the composition will throw an error.
  • General: Track gets focused after being added. (FEAT-96JJ02985F)
  • General: Loops and cue points get added at mouse position. (FEAT-436DP9X7H2)


19 June 2016

  • UI: Added snapping support for loops, cue points and tracks. (FEAT-IP2ACQ89J4)
  • UI: Fixed volume and pitch changes not immediately displayed in waveform and track preview. (ISSUE-7KBN482BEG)
  • UI: Fixed reversed track gets not reflected in waveform and track preview. (ISSUE-I7Y63Q679B)
  • UI: Fixed loop syncing doesn't get immediately reflected. (ISSUE-XWG81O13M7, ISSUE-SE3TZU7GH1)
  • UI: Fixed cursor state gets not resetted when leaving loop move mode.
  • UI: Moved loop exit buttons to the control bar. (ISSUE-I7Y63Q679B)


18 June 2016

  • UI: Start, in and out positions are now editable in the advanced track settings. (FEAT-QU834684XO)
  • General: A audio clip preview gets played while holding down the small play button. (FEAT-F4I954ML1Z)
  • UI: Fixed waveform preview overflow on small windows sizes. (ISSUE-AK5DIRF96Q)
  • UI: Fixed cue points and loops are not in sync with preview waveform. (ISSUE-AK5DIRF96Q)
  • UI: Fixed loop movement when expanding loop over cue point. (ISSUE-1146WV80S5)
  • General: Fixed null reference exception when opening composition settings window without an active composition. (ISSUE-62P83B7OJS)
  • UI: Added scrollbar below loop and cue point settings on small window sizes.
  • Defaults: Changed default loop length to 250 ms.
  • Defaults: Change default loop passes to 2. 


17 June 2016


  • Initial Release (Public Beta)


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