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Map Lab

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Map Lab is an advanced PBR texture generator for artists, game developers, and map crafters. Map Lab provides an easy way to craft PBR materials out of plain images.

The powerful layer system allows a fast and solid way to control and fine-tune the different maps. All pixel operations are done with 32 bits per channel guaranteeing high-quality output textures.



Craft all PBR maps you need for stunning and realistic materials out of a single image.

You have full control and tons of possibilities to to craft the maps you have ever dreamt of. 




WYSIWYG Material Previewer

WYSIWYG Material Previewer

The built-in WYSIWYG material previewer immediatley reflects changes made to your maps and speeds up the material creation workflow.






One Input - Infinite Outputs

Texture Synthesizer

Map Lab - Texture Synthesis

Take advantage of the built-in texture synthesizer and make your textures seamless within seconds.


Write your own Extensions

Map Lab code

Map Lab can easily be extended. Write powerful filters with just a few lines of code.

Make use of the extensive API to develop either native, managed or OpenCL filter extensions for Map Lab in no time.











Currently included Filters

  • Median
  • Fast Median
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Simple Blur
  • Limit
  • Fast Limit
  • High-Pass
  • Color Mask

Color Correction

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Channels
  • Diffuse to Normal
  • Normal to Diffuse
  • Normal to Height
  • Normal to Specular
  • Height to AO



Key Features

  • Full Unity Editor Integration
  • Easy to use Layer System
  • Works on Unity Personal and Pro
  • Hiqh-Precision Calculations (32 Bit per Channel)
  • Constantly growing Filter Library
  • CPU and GPU Support
  • Metallic and Specular Workflow
  • WYSIWYG Material Previewer
  • Custom Materials and Models
  • Map Tiler - Make your Textures seamless
  • Non-Destructive Workflow
  • Extend Map Lab with custom Filters






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