Orbital Gravity

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Orbital Gravity is a complete Unity project. The main part of the project is the implementation of the famous Newtonian celestial mechanics. It’s a plain gravity driven simulation of celestial body movements.



Just Gravity

Orbital Gravity The planetary movements are not based of any geometrical astronomy, which means that the simulation is a classical n-body problem with no Kepler path motions. If you change the mass of a body being part of the system, every celestial body gets affected immediately.



HQ Planets

The asset includes each planet of our solar system with high-resolution PBR-textures.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable Physics
  • No Kepler Path Motions
  • Dynamic Time Scaling
  • All Planets of the Solar System
  • 3 Levels of Detail (LOD)
  • Hi-Res PBR Textures
  • Advanced Atmosphere Shaders
  • Reusable Style Presets
  • Complete 2D & 3D UI
  • Source Code included





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