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Artwork by Stuart Spencer


Easy Decal Changelog


10 April 2020

  • Fixed issue with skinned decal export.
  • Added screen space additive shader for non-deferred setups.
  • Added possibility to epxort combined declas to an asset.
  • Added the option to enable/disable material editor rendering.


23 January 2020

  • Fixed tangent issue when combining.
  • Fixed normal scale issue with box projector.
  • Fixed "Instantiate after save" issue.
  • Fixed wrong scale after prefab creation.
  • Unity 2019.3 and 2020.1 Support.
  • Moved shortcuts to accessible C# file for easy change.
  • Added experimental LWRP/URP screen space decal shader.


07 August 2019

  • 2019.2 Support.
  • Reduced memory allocation when using mesh decals in dynamic mode.
  • Added possibility to run deferred decals in a non-dynamic mode for better performance.
  • Added support for Unity's new prefab workflow.


29 March 2019

  • Unity 2018.3/2019.1 Support.
  • Reduced memory allocation when using mesh decals in dynamic mode..
  • Added support for geometry buffers. The buffer helps improving performance in small and medium sized scenes.
  • Added possibility to manually include projection targets/receivers.
  • Core: Fixed error in tangents calculation.
  • Atlas: Fixed bug that lets baked decal loose its UVs.
  • UI: Changed UI tabs to native Unity look.


30 October 2018

  • -
  • Core: Fixed Decal Root object not automatically created.
  • Unity: Exchanged libs corrupted by the API updater.
  • Core: Updated orientation changed listener.


04 October 2017

  • Core: Added "Bake on Awake" support.
  • Skinned Mesh: Added baked pose support.
  • Skinned Mesh: Added MeshLinkGroup and MeshLink components.
  • Core: Fixed wrong UV coordinates when in material source mode.
  • Core: Fixed UV not updating with Skinned Box Projector.
  • Core: Fixed message when building.
  • Core: Reduced decal culling depth while in edit mode.
  • Core: Added new combining tools.
  • Core: Changed duplication mode (Ctrl+D behaves the same as Alt+D when the decal is a child).
  • Core: Added new API methods: Clone(EasyDecal decal) and CopyProperties(EasyDecal from, EasyDecal to)
  • Structure: Harmonized package structure across all shared libraries.


25 September 2017

  • Added official support for Unity 2017.
  • Core: Fixed occasional bug with loading editor images.
  • Core: Updated to new shared editor core.


11 February 2017

  • Core: Exposed OnTechniqueChanged event. 
  • Core: Replaced SDD projection core. Performance increased by ~450%.
  • Core: Box Projector automatically disables optimization for large meshes.
  • Core: Box Projector's performance increased by ~15%.
  • DSSD: Deferred decals no longer need a direct light source.
  • DSSD: Added support for Specular-Smoothness and Emission Maps.
  • DSSD: Added support for ambient light.
  • DSSD: Added support for baked and real-time shadows.
  • Editor: Expanded the stats in the Decal Root component.
  • Shader: Added priority particle shaders.
  • Core: Fixed coroutine error while fading out decal on a deactivated parent.
  • Core: Fixed missing material when changing projection technique to 'Skinned Box' without reassigning a material. 
  • Core: Fixed aspect correction not working properly (introduced in 1.6.4). 
  • Core: Fixed aspect correction not working with last UV rect. 
  • Core: Fixed issue with space conversion when reconstructing mesh data from static box collider. 
  • Core: Fixed issue with not assigned SharedMesh property when OnProjectionFinished gets fired.
  • Core: Fixed memory allocations on fading out decal that was baked before.
  • Editor: Fixed UI freeze when the created asset from baked scene decal.
  • Editor: Fixed regression when converting decal to mesh.
  • Editor: Fixed slow down on frequent use of undo/redo.
  • Atlas: Fixed issue with random region selection ( the last index was excluded from selection).
  • Shader: Fixed issue in 'ED Multiply' shader.
  • Core: Made the methods OnChangedOrientation(), OnChangedAtlasIndex() and OnChangedTechnique() virtual.
  • Core: Changed CommandBuffer handling.
  • Core: Changed that deferred decals only allocate memory in the frame of instantiation.


23 December 2016

  • Projector: Added added basic support for skinned meshes (Pre-alpha).
  • Content: Added new texture atlas (sci-fi icon decals).
  • Editor: Duplicated decal now properly inherits the parent transform of the original.
  • Core: Exposed shared mesh property.
  • Core: Unsealed DynamicMesh class.
  • Shader: Added additional color tint input to Multiply shader.
  • Shader: Removed early Unity 5 shader ports from the package (for proper Unity 5.5 support).
  • Box Projector: Improved potential candidate selection for Box Projector.
  • Box Projector: Reduced GC allocation for small and medium scaled decals.
  • Box Projector: Changed space conversion to speed up projection (Performance gain: ~15%).


7 December 2016

  • Shaders: Added two SSD masking shaders (Unity 5.3+).
  • Shaders: Fixed issue with AO map reading.
  • SSD: Fixed null-ref when the decal owner gets destroyed and the decal itself not.
  • Editor: Fixed thumbnail clipping issue in Unity Personal.
  • Editor: Fixed too dark UI background when working in linear color space.
  • Shader: Changed FragmentInputDSSD struct.


22 September 2016

  • Shaders: Added two new decal shaders.
  • Inspector: Added material editor for current atlas/material.
  • Baking: Added auto UV2 generation when combining the decals using the Easy Decal Manager. 
  • Atlas: Fixed that an changed atlas in the editor doesn't get reflected until entering play mode.
  • Multi-editing: Fixed multi-editing issue with the selected atlas region.
  • Multi-editing: Fixed that the 'Select Random' action only was applied to the last selected decal.
  • Multi-editing: Fixed that the selected atlas index was sometimes not serialized.


17 August 2016

  • Atlas Editor: Centered zoom functionality added.
  • General: More decal fade modes added to the API.
  • General: Added LateBake() and LateUnbake() method.
  • General: Added advanced raycasters for surrounding surface examination.
  • General: Added initial light probe support.
  • Inspector: Added warnings when material needs shader keywords activated.
  • DSSD: Added fade out support to the deferred screen space shader.
  • UI: Fixed Lifetime property also changes FadeoutTime property.
  • DSSD: Fixed 'Diffuse Only' not working properly.
  • DSSD: Fixed DSSD decals not working when the material has not been inspected/changed.
  • Mesh Processors: Fixed vertex colors changes don't get applied in custom mesh processor.
  • Atlas Editor: Fixed manual changes get not applied. 
  • Atlas Editor: Fixed click to the active region does not trigger region changed event. 
  • SSD: Screen space decal culling has been disabled in the editor while not in play mode.
  • Demo: Added Light Probe Group to tunnel demo.
  • Gizmo: Scene gizmo shows whether a decal is baked or not.
  • Inspector: Removed functions and options that have no effect on a prefab in the project view.


13 July 2016

  • Event: OnOrientationChanged event added.
  • Shader: Emission added to Vertex Alpha Shader.
  • Shader: Fog support added for 'Alpha Edge Bleed Multiply' legacy shader (forward path).
  • Editor: Gizmo shows selected decal.
  • Editor: Gizmo color indicates decal projection technique.
  • Editor: Decal statistics added.
  • General: Initial Screen Space Decal support a dded [BETA].
  • General: Initial Deferred Decal support added [BETA].
  • General: Decal mesh exporter added [BETA].
  • Geometry: Normal flipping support added.
  • Geometry: UV2 channels added.
  • Atlas Editor: Selected atlas region has now another color code.
  • Atlas Editor: Consecutive atlas region creation support added.
  • Atlas Editor: Manual atlas region parameterization support added.
  • Atlas Editor: Added checkerboard backdrop for atlas inspector.
  • Decal Manager: Added thumbnail in scene overview.
  • Decal Manager: New demos scenes added.
  • Demo: New prefabs added.
  • General: Fixed auto-bake in awake.
  • Projector: Fixed projection issue with non-uniform terrain transform.
  • UI: Fixed incorrect recursive mode displayed.
  • Smart Placement: Removed rotation dependency from screen space.
  • Atlas Editor: Removed ability to select an atlas region when the Pan tool is selected.
  • Demo: Moved demo scripts to the demo folder.
  • Demo: Revised demo scripts.
  • Editor: Box gizmo visual style change.
  • Projector: Terrain projection improved.
  • UI: Added warning when deactivating the 'Colliders Only' option in the Constraints tab.
  • UI: Renamed Quality parameter to Resolution.
  • UI: Rearranged constraint settings.
  • Decal Manager: Original is no longer editable after combining.


19 May 2016

  • General: Added static method injection to allow delegating the prefab instantiation to any third party pooling system.
  • Smart Placement: Added additional control possibilities.
  • Editor: Multi-editing support added.
  • General: Fixed that decal clones don't inherit every property of the original.
  • General: The decal clones now inherit the exact name of the original. The "(clone)" extension has been removed.
  • General: Changed dependency of 'Fade Out' and 'Don't Destroy' option in the constraints.
  • Smart Placement: Changed hotkeys.


12 May 2016

  • Atlas: Fixed that Material gets not changed properly when set on prefab. 
  • Atlas: Fixed invalid index selection when assigning an empty atlas.
  • Atlas: Removed random index selection when the decal is baked.


1 May 2016

  • Event: OnFadeOutStarted event added.
  • Event: OnFadedOut event added.
  • Event: OnProjectionFinished event added.
  • UI: Decal manager window added
  • UI: Decal atlas creator added.
  • General: Texture atlas support added.
  • General: Global decal manager added.
  • General: Added +80 decals textures.
  • Projector: New processor pipeline added.
  • UI: Changed visual styles.
  • UI: Tangents checkbox gets automatically disabled when normals are not calculated.
  • Projector: Projection performance slightly increased (~5%).


31 March 2016

  • Unity 5.4 support added.
  • Updated the shared Sycoforge libraries.


24 January 2016

  • Recursive mesh lookup.
  • Decal Animator: Support for non-standard input textures.
  • Decal Animator: More tween modes added.


2 January 2016

  • Decal Animator: New linear tween modes added.
  • Static Mesh Proxy List: Candidate intersection crash fixed.
  • Decal Animator: Wrong frame selection fixed (non-quad sheets).
  • Triangulator: Small performance improvements.


3 December 2015

  • Static Mesh Proxy List support added.
  • Properties are now shown per Projection Mode.


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