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Performance Considerations

Screen Space Decal

The screen space decal's performance is completely independent of the underlying geometry. The performance consumption stays the same for a 1k or 30k mesh target.

Plane Projector

The plane projector's performance is mainly affected by its Resolution (quality) property.

Plane projector resolution.

Box Projector

The box projector's performance is mainly affected by its world space size and the complexity of the target meshes.

Box projector world size.

Design-Time Use

For decals placed at design-time, the performance mainly depends on the amount of different materials/atlases. As decals sharing a common atlas can be combined to mesh groups using the same draw call.

Runtime Use

It's always a hard task to estimate the runtime performance as it depends on many different things. But roughly said, it mainly depends on the following points:

  1. The world space size of the decal.
  2. The complexity of the receiving geometry (How many polygons have to be cut?)
  3. The collider setup (Does the projector have to recursively search for potential geometry?)
  4. The number of instantiations per timestep.
  5. The runtime mode. (Is the decal geometry static (e.g. bullet hole) or dynamic (e.g. drop shadow)?)
  6. The settings you use in the Easy Decal component. (See images below for some of the settings that may affect performance)

Easy Decal Constraints



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